Side projects

Side projects, online service, or personal projects

Project 100km around me

Rework of the project based on the Covid19 administrative lockdown in France.

This new version uses OpenStreetMap instead of Google Maps and Google Geocoding by public open data of cities.

This new version can now stay online for free, and does not share any data with Google.


To test the connected arcade terminals (see projects section), I needed a functional gameplay mechanism.

A good opportunity to do way too much, but also have fun on the development of a game without any constraint.

Self-promotion mobile wifi network

Self advertise as a freelance developer at the KIKK Festival, a renowned international digital & creative event in Belgium.

Using an ESP32 plugged on a smartphone powerbank, i created a portable wifi network called “Can i Kikk it?” that automatiquely opens a webpage showing “Yes You Can!” plus a text & button to send me a SMS.

Let’s Build an Electric Rocket

Watch the first falcon heavy test landing sure did blow my mind, just like any regular geek.

This project goal is to take off and landing vertically an autonomous rocket, using 3 electric ducked fans as engine.

I post this project progress on a dedicated Instagram account.

Emy library

After more than a year contributing to the opensource project IUI and work for USA-based customers using it, i decide to restart the project from the ground focusing on modern browsers only.

EMY is an Efficient Mobile web librarY to create lightweight mobile web application prototypes with only a few HTML knowledges.

Games on eInk reader

After my daughter blow my battery in 1-hour playing on my smartphone, making simple games on my Amazon Kindle could be a good idea.

Clearly not the latest Angry Bird, but it’s enough for her, and i learned a few things on how to deal with eInk screens.

Date Picker

Date fields were not well supported by all browsers, and alternatives unnecessarily force developers to integrate large libraries.

So I opensourced a Date Picker without any dependency, to integrate easily in your projects and forms.