Tesco HomePlus virtual store in Seoul subway

Stunning Mobile Commerce campaign from Tesco Home Plus using QRCodes in Seoul subway stations, South Korea.

via @mthiriez

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Mini + Facebook + Google Maps = MiniMaps

Mini France release today one of the most breath-taking Facebook branded game i’ve never seen: Mini Maps.


Drive the Mini Cooper of your choice in any place on earth (well, any place having Google Maps of course), challenge random person to be the #1 in town, create your own tracks and play with friends them multiplayer, … so much to do!

Barney says: “It’s Amazulous!”

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Financial Times says bye bye to the AppStore

“Bye bye AppStore, I never liked you that much anyway” could perfectly sum up new Financial Times move. Or “There’s the web for that”.


We have launched a new, faster, more complete app for the iPad and iPhone which is available via your browser rather than from an app store.

Of course, haters gonna hate but this new webapp comes with some strong arguments:
Web browser access
No download needed
Automatic enhancements
No need to visit an app store for the latest version
Reading offline
The latest edition is automatically stored for offline access
Improved performance on most connections
Greater range of content
Including video on iPhone

And we could add some:
Cross-devices compatiblity
Same (canonical) URL for same content on iPhone or iPad (and soon cross-system/browsers)
No AppStore fees
FT doesn’t have to “give” 30% of mobile subscriptions fees to Apple anymore
More business flexibility
If they want to test a new something, they now simply have to add it to www. , m. , and app. . It’s all web so it can be done easily with approx no costs.
No app stores rules / latency
Now they have get the power back to rolled out a new version at the millisecond they want, same time on those three versions.
Since they now have the tools to produce different output formats with the same content, they could go connected-tv or Kindle free as a bird (why not, Kindle has a webkit browser too now).

We’ll soon be making the new FT app available on a range of other phones and devices. In the meantime you can access the FT on the move with our other mobile products and services, such as our mobile website or Android app for tablet devices such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

With Twitter & Facebook new webapps & NYTimes chrome webapp, it makes more and more big companies taking an HTML5 ride those days…

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Une idée d’appli mobile ? Participez au Star’App Trophy !

Du 15 juin au 30 septembre a lieu le “Star’App Trophy“. Concours totalement gratuit et ouvert à tous, le concept est d’y déposer votre idée d’application mobile (orientée commerce mobile  de préférence) pour tenter de gagner son développement et sa promotion.

Star'App Trophy sur Facebook


Concours totalement virtuel (aucun pitch physique), le lauréat sera annoncé le 20 octobre lors du salon de la VAD à Lille Grand Palais.

Les conditions restent floues sur qui développera l’application (probablement Phoceis, organisateur principal), qui en garde la propriété intellectuelle, (certains ont un avis bien tranché sur la question) et qui en récupèrera les bénéfices financiers (de la vente ou des pubs).

Peut être bien bientôt plus d’infos… mais que cela ne vous empêche pas de commencer vos dossiers. Au boulot !

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Create a multilingual Facebook Welcome page

EDIT: This just doesn’t work due to Facebook proxy making language to be en_US all the time. Please read “Multilingual Facebook Welcome page based on user language” instead

Today, i’ve created the Facebook page of a new online service i’m working on. It could sounds a bit early since it’s not gonna be released before a few months but i want to share with people how it evolves, ask feedback, get momentum asap. Will see how it work…

So to be the more attractive as possible, i need a sexy Welcome tab, with a like-button call to action. Not a big deal, i just type “coca” in searchbox and make a screenshot of their welcome page. Now i have the good width of window to optimize mine.

It’s a service dedicated to find bike rental station in my hometown (which you can already find in Paris as “Vélib“). Lille is located between Paris (55min by train), Brussels in Belgium (35min by train) & London (1h20min by train via EuroTunnel). It’s also a massive studient area with a lot of exchanges from all around the world. EuraTechnologies, a huge startup incubator, has a partnership with Stanford for more than a year.

So it’s pretty clear that this service must be in both french and english, same for its FB fanpage welcome page. The problem is: i can only enter FBML or HTML. Since FBML is deprecated, all i have is HTML. No javascript allowed. No prob, let’s just use a big image file but how to detect user language?

Here is how i did this: Using a PHP script as an image ressource. First, link image to your script:

Then, just use a simple PHP script to detect browser language so it can choose which image ressource to load:

$lg = explode(',',$_SERVER['HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE']);
$lg = strtolower(substr(chop($lg[0]),0,2));
$lg = ($lg=='fr')?'fr':'en'; // only to provide a 'en' fallback for non french.

$f = file_get_contents('facebook-welcome_'.$lg.'.jpg');
header("Content-type: image/jpeg");
echo $f;

nb: of course, you need to put a ‘facebook-welcome_fr.jpg’ & ‘facebook-welcome_en.jpg’ in the same directory…

Here is the final result:

Live demo on fanpage itself: VLille-map on Facebook

Have fun!

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McDonald’s Interactive Billboard Pick n Play

McDonald’s Sweden has put an interactive billboard in Stureplan, the main public square of Stockholm. Called “Pick n Play”, concept was dead simple: during a week & by completing a pong-like game in 30 seconds, users win coupons for free food in the nearest Mcdonald’s restaurant (7th to 14th of may)

Big news here: you just play right from your mobile web browser, no app to download!

(the webapp detects your geolocation so you can only play while nearby)

No technical information available, but even if the video shows people using iPhones, it clearly talks about “smartphones” so perhaps Android & Blackberry OS6 were supported too.

Thumb up to McDonald’s & DDB Sweden!

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a plain javascript datepicker

I’ve been looking for a good and simple to implement javascript datepicker lately. It’s always easier to choose a date using a calendar than using day, month & year select elements. And being quick & easy is always important, specially in a full of forms CMS dashboard.

And thanks JQuery or consors, you now first have to choose which javascript framework you want to use, then search for the best snippet to fill your needs in some random libraries of code. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that bad, but why would i have to load a framework in memory just for a little date picker?!

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