LaPoste est opérateur mobile: ne riez pas trop vite…

La Poste devient opérateur mobile

C’est ce lundi que devrait être annoncé l’offre “La Poste Mobile”.

En effet, les 300 000 abonnés Simplicime (aka Simpleo) ont reçu le message suivant: « Le 23 mai prochain, Simplicime deviendra La Poste Mobile. »; Ce n’est donc pas un nouvel opérateur mais la reprise d’un opérateur virtuel existant. Simplicime appartenait à Debitel, filiale de SFR.

Petit tour d’horizon de ce qui au premier coup d’oeil fait sourire, mais pourrait bien changer le paysage mobile français.

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Meet Sifteo: 3 cubes of fun

Bored of Farmville? Unlocked all 3stars in Angry Birds twice? Minesweeper brings you no fun anymore? Jeevan Kalanithi & David Merrill, former MIT students, have something for you…

Mixing real cubes & LCD screens, Sifteo brings a new way to play. Each cube can comunicate with others and comes with a speaker + an accelerometer. This makes possible a lot of new game concept and ideas, but also some more classical ones like a labyrinth, domino or letters/numbers sorts.

Sifteo cubes are 1.5 inch computers with full-color displays that sense their motion, sense each other, and wirelessly connect to your computer. You, your friends, and your family can play an ever-growing array of interactive games that get your brain and body engaged.

Still in early-stage, the product is announced will be sell as a 3 cubes set for $149 at the end of the year. For the record, they won the CES Innovation Awards 2011 #1 prize.

Even if $149 is not for nothing, i just can’t wait to see this on my desk!!


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Angry Birds is now in HTML5 too!

Angry Birds now in HTML5 & WebGL

Rovio has released a HTML5 Chrome optimized version for desktop of their worldwidely played iPhone game. Using WebGL, it’s only supported by latest Chrome versions & Firefox4 (Safari 6 is planned to support WebGL too, but not IE9).

It makes one more great reason for you to switch to Chrome, and a pretty good demo Google can run on its ‘soon-to-be-released’ homemade ChromeOS notebook.

Flash in Angry Bords for Chrome

Only one bad news: it uses GWT-Voices, a Google Web Toolkit to detect browser audio capabilities … which uses Flash. That’s why you’ll find a SWF file in ressources, but i can’t really tell if it’s used or not. All sounds are MP3s and Chrome doesn’t need Flash to properly stream MP3 files.

May the bird be with you

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The WebGL Globe – Chrome Experiment

Last week, Google engineers have released a pretty useless toy you just can’t wait to play with: The WebGL Globe Chrome Experiment.

Why useless? Because it’s only supported by latest releases of Chrome & Firefox 4, with absolutely no fallback. That said, it’s an experiment, not a final product.

On the other hand, it’s a really impressive HTML5 canvas demo, and what makes it even more awesome is that it’s available for free on Google Code. Such crimes doesn’t stay unpunished for long in a geek world: let’s play with it!

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