Half mobile app clicks are accidental (and other metrics)

paidcontent.org has published an interesting mobile app usage article based on metrics by Harris Interactive. Here is come key quotes:

  • 18-34 users say they are more apt to click a mobile ad by mistake than they do on purpose.
  • 81 percent of all mobile application store downloads in 2011 will still be free.
  • Steve Jobs was right: keep people in the app – In-app ads (don’t take the user to a mobile site) tend to be more appreciated.
  • 95 percent of mobile apps users use free apps and 41 percent use paid apps.
  • 96 percent of mobile apps users with household income of $75K-plus said they use free apps.
  • 25 – 30% apps feature in-app advertising

Huge game changing announcement is Google to introduce a new model in which users are asked to confirm if they intended to click on ad or not. This could sounds bad news for advertisers but with in-app iAd & clones very expensive models, “cleaning” unexpected clicks will make those models to get the greatest transformation rates. Clever way from Google to legitimate such high fees…

Read the entire article “Pontiflex: About Half Of Mobile App Clicks Are Accidental

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‘Dumb’ phones still owns the market (and why this is not gonna change soon)

Not even part of the market 4 years ago, Apple has redefined the mobile ecosystem and brought users to an outta-space UX level. It took more than 3 years for giants like Microsoft or Google to barely get close to a similar one without even touching it. Consumer adoption is huge, iOS is worldwide #3 mobile OS with only one (f**ing) expensive device, #1 portable gaming device, #1 mobile camera on Flickr, #1 facebook mobile source, 99,2% of mobile apps download in 2009, … a huge success, and a game changer.

For smartphones.

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