PieGuy – Webapp game for iPhone

When it comes to games, it pretty clear than a native app will always win against webapp. But i’m pretty happy to share with you this initiative of coding a game for the iPhone using web technologies only. The result is called “PieGuy”, kind of a pacman clone.

Check this link from your iPhone : https://mrgan.com/pieguy/

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Pocket-Locator: last days to be a beta tester!

Team is pretty excited to announce that we will start our first closed-beta testing next week!

Last few days has been dedicated to non-smartphone support so yes, even on first beta stage, you’ll be available to test Pocket-Locator from your old Nokia, 2 years-old Blackberry or even Windows Mobile 6.x phones!

So don’t miss your chance to be one of our few closed-beta tester, it’s 100% free but this offer will close on Monday 12PM (GMT+1).


Can’t wait!

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Facebook Messages

Just in case you are the last guy on earth that didn’t heard about it: Facebook wants to recreate the email!
No more, no less… but the fact is: they have some pretty good points:

  • Your contact list is already set up (FB friend list)
  • All messages, SMS, chats, … will be available & backup in one place
  • Pretty easy to find your email address: it would be your.username@facebook.com
  • Manage your contacts importance: Grand-ma or beloved-one emails deserves better than being received between bank receipt & Amazon newsletter
  • Bye bye  SPAM: Emails from people not in your friend list neither in your email contacts will go straight in the SPAM folder (add your non-facebook contact by adding their email+name in your list)
  • While on-the-go, get & reply to FB messages/email to your friends via SMS (free of charge, except carrier text-messages fees)
  • View docs attachements (doc, ppt, xls) in one-clic inside Office Online (reminder: Microsoft owns 20% of FB stocks)
  • Get one of the best server infrastructure with close to 100% up-time

But the real big issue they will have to seduce users will definitely be privacy issues, something pretty touchy when it comes to emails. Definitely not what facebook.com is known as the best place on the web…

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