Google Custom Street View

Part of the new Google Maps v3 API, you can now provide your customers custom 360° views of your place, store, office, … with a simple Javascript code. Click on “Google Sydney” in the following include to see it in action! (sad news: it really works well only in Chrome for now…)

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Adobe Scene7 – US mobile usage stats

‎”Many users say they favor the mobile web when interacting with consumer products & shopping as well as media & entertainment, while mobile apps are favored for more functional and self-contained experiences such as social media, music, games and maps”


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Google to introduce GoogleTV!

A few weeks after the first presentation video available on the its youTube channel, GoogleTV is now official with a full dedicated website. The least we can say about it is that Apple is certainly not happy about it 🙂 But i’m pretty sure a lot of people will love to get a real web-browser (Chrome) with real Flash Player 10.1 right from their couch!

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