Infinite Mario, in HTML5

Back in 2006, Minecraft’s father Markus Persson creates a Java-based Mario variant with procedurally-generated levels that could potentially go on forever. Yet pretty neat, 18 years old Robert Kleffner makes it even better, converted into a fashionable, cross-platform friendly HTML5 project.

Play Infinite Mario in HTML5

With HTML5 Angry Birds available for a few months and now part of Google+ Games, no doubt HTML5 is showing more and more its great potential out of web developers lands as an open cross-platform technology of choice.

Si is Flash a soon dead horse? As it actually stands and based on how good some HTML5 games perform, it seems easy to assume it is as it stands today. As it stands today, since i hardly imagine WebGL do as good as their Molehill realtime 3D engine anytime soon…


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